TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  B E A R I N G S

TEXSPIN® is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Clutch Release Bearings to the domestic automotive industry with significant presence in the global automotive industry.

TEXSPIN® over the last five decades have been continuously evolving its release bearing design to bring about technically superior, cost effective products and solutions for the automotive industry. TEXSPIN® has been in the forefront of all major technological evolution in the clutch bearings and were the first to introduce self centering technology, sheet metal & plastic technology in the domestic industry. TEXSPIN® is the first and only manufacturer in India to introduce the innovative Hydraulic Concentric Slave Cylinder with Release bearings to the domestic OEM’s.

TEXSPIN® has been involved in providing niche transmission products to the automotive industry. We specialise in design and development of standard & non standard customized bearings for transmission application.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  B E A R I N G S
F O R  M C V  A N D  L C V

TEXSPIN®has been continuously evolving new technological offerings to the LCV & the MCV segment. We have been in the forefront for optimizing the release bearing design and were the first to offer the innovative insert moulded plastic sleeve assembly to this segment.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  B E A R I N G S  F O R  H C V

TEXSPIN® is specialised in manufacturing clutch bearings used for heavy duty truck and off road applications which are subject to extreme operating conditions of high loads and high temperature. We offer specialised release bearing for this segment with effective high temperature sealing, and optimised carrier design in combination of castings to provide the best performance in a highly demanding operating condition.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  B E A R I N G S
F O R  P A S S E N G E R  C A R S

TEXSPIN® has pioneered the light weight sheet metal with plastic insert moulding technology for the domestic passenger car segment. We offer unique high speed, high temperature and low friction release bearings for car segment which is unique to customised Application.


TEXSPIN® – Products

H Y D R A U L I C  C L U T C H  B E A R I N G
C O N C E N T R I C  S L AV E  C Y L I N D E R

TEXSPIN® is the first to introduce hydraulic clutch actuation system, CSC in India. We offer a unique hydraulically operated concentric slave cylinder (CSC) in plastic technology and mechanically operated clutch release bearings for this segment.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  R E L E A S E  B E A R I N G


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