TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  A S S E M B L Y  K I T

TEXSPIN® is the technology leader in Clutch Solutions to the Indian Automotive Industry and has over five decades of path-breaking technological and innovative work in this area. Leveraging on its vast reservoir of knowledge and technological understanding of clutch system, TEXSPIN offers highly engineered Clutch Assembly in both Coil & Diaphragm type design.

The major casting components are processed by high pressure moulding to ensure superior level of casting quality. To ensure vehicle-specific quality and for trouble-free installation, the company has set up a comprehensive cent per cent online testing facility for clutches as well as an advanced integrated clutch testing facility at its Reliability Centre to ensure that it offers a product in line with its reputation of being the leading cutch solution provider in the country.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  A S S E M B L Y  F O R  H C V  &  O F F R O A D  V E H I C L E

TEXSPIN® manufactures a comprehensive range and specialized coil type Clutch Assembly for the heavy duty Commercial Vehicle segment. TEXSPIN® offers cover design in both deep drawn sheet metal design and in high pressure moulded casting design and is optimized in such a way that it protects dust entry and reduces the clutch housing temperature to increase the clutch life. Each clutch part is independently balanced to provide a high and durable operating life.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  A S S E M B L Y  F O R  L C V  &  M C V

TEXSPIN® has been continuously evolving new technological offerings to the MCV& LCV& segment and manufactures improved diaphragm type clutch assembly designed with a deep-drawn sheet steel cover which ensures a cost optimized, compact design solution. The optimized pressure plate design in combination with the specialized friction material allows for short-term extreme loads and resulting high temperatures withstanding capability.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  A S S E M B L Y

TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H  A S S E M B L Y  F O R  P A S S E N G E R  C A R S

TEXSPIN® Offers light weight sheet metal Cover Assembly along with Clutch Plate for the Domestic Passenger car segment. The Clutch assembly is designed to offer durability and reliability by offering an optimized clucth disc design which is the clutch’s central connection element. Combination of clutch disc and the clutch pressure plate separated and links engine and powertrain and TEXSPIN® manufactures these with an optimized design to enable smooth torque build up reduced noise.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C L U T C H A S S E M B L Y  F O R  T R A C T O R / F A R M  E Q U I P M E N T S

TEXSPIN® manufacture both the Coil type and diaphragm type clutch cover assembly for the Off Road Segment. The drive disk is lined with high temperature resistant special facing which has a high friction value which allows the clutch to operate with a lower release load features and offers durability and reliability during operation.


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