TEXSPIN® – Products

T R A N S M I S S I O N  B E A R I N G S

TEXSPIN®’s hallmark is in the production of extremely challenging and niche technological transmission components like the Synchronizer Sets, Synchronizer Intermediate Rings, Ball Detents etc. and are the only manufacturer of these category of products in the country.

TEXSPIN® has been involved in providing niche transmission products to the automotive industry. We specialize in design and development of standard & non standard customized bearings for transmission Application.


TEXSPIN® – Products

C Y L I N D R I C A L  A N D
T A P E R  R O L L E R  B E A R I N G S

Other than the IS specified standard cylindrical and taper roller bearings, there is often a requirement of non standard taper and cylindrical bearings for transmission application. TEXSPIN® specialises in design and development of these types of non standard bearings.


TEXSPIN® – Products

B A L L  D E T E N T S

TEXSPIN® offers a unique proprietary ball detent designs which ensure extremely smooth operation of the gear shift lever. We provide ball detents in both sheet metal and forged design and in varying sizes to meet the requirement of the passenger car and the commercial vehicle segments.


TEXSPIN® – Products

T R A N S M I S S I O N  T E C H N O L O G Y


TEXSPIN® – Products

S Y N C H R O N I Z E R  R I N G  &  S E T S

TEXSPIN® provides to its customers synchronizer sets in all steel combination with carbon lined intermediate ring which ensure longer life, lower weight and optimized cost. The super precision nature of this product makes it unique from TEXSPIN®.


O U R  Q U A L I T Y  Q U E S T  I S  E N D L E S S

TEXSPIN® – Products

C O U N T E R  S H A F T  B E A R I N G S

Modern transmissions are increasingly being converted to Double Row bearing for counter shaft applications in transmission. TEXSPIN® designs and developes unique solutions in this category.


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