O E M  S E G M E N T

TEXSPIN® the flagship company, is a leading global ‘Full product and Service Supplier’ of Automotive Bearings. We specialise in the manufacturing of Clutch Bearings in India.

Since commencement of operations in 1961, TEXSPIN® has achieved several milestones and is today a global bearing company with manufacturing facilities in India.

TEXSPIN® ’s OEM customers include the top five Passenger Car & top five Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers in the world and the total customer list includes almost all the major names in the automotive business. TEXSPIN® extends its portfolio by providing innovative designs and solutions as per required by customers.

“We are the first bearing company in the world to introduce Self-centering Clutch Release Bearings for the tractor segment which doubles bearing life. We have innovated and patented ‘Thrust Pad’ in Kingpin that has been introduced for the first time in the Truck segment”.

TEXSPIN® today is among the few automotive bearing manufacturers with a capability to offer front line design & engineering, dual shore manufacturing capability and full service supply capability for all major OEM’s.

Our Major focus is on technological components and systems with customized unmatched innovative solutions. We are equipped with the latest computation and instrumentation technology to accurately simulate, test and develop systems for varied applications to cater all the requirements of all OEM’s.



C L U T C H  A S S E M B L Y

TEXSPIN® is the technology leader in Clutch Solutions to the Indian Automotive Industry and has over five decades of path-breaking technological and innovative work in this area. Leveraging on its vast reservoir of knowledge and technological understanding of clutch system, TEXSPIN® offers highly engineered Clutch Assembly in both Coil & Diaphragm type design.

The major casting components are processed by high pressure moulding to ensure superior level of casting quality. To ensure vehicle-specific quality and for trouble-free installation, the company has set up a comprehensive cent per cent online testing facility for clutches as well as an advanced integrated clutch testing facility at its Reliability Centre to ensure that it offers a product in line with its reputation of being the leading cutch solution provider in the country.



T R A N S M I S S I O N  B E A R I N G S

TEXSPIN®’s hallmark is in the production of extremely challenging and niche technological transmission components like the Synchronizer Sets, Synchronizer Intermediate Rings, Ball Detents etc. and are the only manufacturer of these category of products in the country.

TEXSPIN® has been involved in providing niche transmission products to the automotive industry. We specialise in design and development of standard & non standard customized bearings for transmission application.


C L U T C H  B E A R I N G S

TEXSPIN® is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Clutch Release Bearings to the domestic automotive industry with significant presence in the global automotive industry.

over the last five decades have been continuously evolving its release bearing design to bring about technically superior, cost effective products and solutions for the automotive industry. TEXSPIN® has been in the forefront of all major technological evolution in the clutch bearings and were the first to introduce self centering technology, sheet metal & plastic technology in the domestic industry. TEXSPIN® is the first and only manufacturer in India to introduce the innovative Hydraulic Concentric Slave Cylinder with Release bearings to the domestic OEM’s.



S T E E R I N G  B E A R I N G S

TEXSPIN®’s expertise for steering bearing is unmatched with its extensive experience in providing highly innovative solutions for the steering system segments.

Today TEXSPIN® is catering to all worldwide OEM customers for its steering solutions with its highly technologically advanced design and manufacturing techniques. TEXSPIN® is the first company to design, manufacture and supply of the innovative zero clearance bearings for steering columns.



S U S P E N S I O N  B E A R I N G S

TEXSPIN® is the leading manufacturer and supplier of suspension thrust king pin bearing in the domestic automotive industry. It has put its engineering excellence and decades of experience in design and development of the thrust kingpin bearings to continuously evolve the design and offer technologically superior products and solutions for the suspension application.

TEXSPIN® ‘s first product during its inception in 1961 was the Suspension Thrust bearings for Trucks and with strut bearings for the cars , our suspension bearings products is the oldest product segment catered by us.



T R A N S A X L E  B E A R I N G S

TEXSPIN®has developed a unique solution for one of the most enduring and demanding operating system in the vehicle transmission system in a rear wheel/4 wheel drive vehicle i.e the Differential and the Transaxle.

TEXSPIN® has put its expertise and decades of experience & know-how of manufacturing angular contact bearings into use for this particular application to achieve higher operating speed with remarkable lower torque, design flexibility & cost competitiveness.



W H E E L  B E A R I N G S

One of the most enduring and demanding segment is the Wheel Bearings and Wheel End Hub Units where TEXSPIN® has carved out a niche for manufacture and supplies of not only conventional Taper Roller Bearing for Wheel application, but also Modern technological Generation 1,2 & 3 Wheel hub units for cars and Trucks.

TEXSPIN® has designed and developed a unique generation 2 type Wheel Hub Unit with unitized double row taper roller bearing for the commercial vehicle and tractor segment which offers maintenance free sealed for life, long enduring life features.



C E N T E R  B E A R I N G S

The Centre Bearing supports the Propeller Shaft which transmits the engine power to the rear differential gear and is located on the vehicle’s exterior in the undercarriage and is thus exposed to heavily contaminated environments in terms of direct contact with mud and water.

TEXSPIN® has developed innovative and highly specialized solutions for this application with increased and reliable sealing which minimizes contamination inside the bearing, thus improving the bearing service life.


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